Different types of air conditioners

By | October 26, 2020
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Air conditioners have become ubiquitous and it is hard to imagine having to go through the sweltering summer days without using one. These life-saving machines are a must if you want to be comfortable at your own home. AC units not only cool down the high temperatures, but they also remove humidity from the air to improve comfort. They range in sizes, from ones that only cool a single room to massive AC systems whose job is to provide ventilation to an entire building. There are various types of air conditioners and they all operate in a slightly different way.

Ductless air conditioner

Ductless air conditioners, also referred to as mini-split air conditioners, are used in buildings that don’t have premade ductwork (a system of ducts running through the building to promote air ventilation). Ductless air conditioners are connected with an electric cable and two pipes to an outdoor compressor and condenser unit. The number of indoor AC units is up to you. You can choose to cool the entire house with several ductless air conditioners or just install one for use in a single room.

Each indoor unit operates independently of one another. This means that you can set different temperatures in different rooms. You can even heat one room while you cool another. The units are compact and controlled with a remote controller. They are most often mounted on the wall, near the ceiling. So while they are not big machines, you will need to deal with a permanent wall fixture. Some models are bigger than the others and some can be quite noisy. Take a look at the best ductless air conditioner according to Climatastic.

Ductless air conditioners allow for more accurate temperature control than the traditional central air conditioners. Easy to control and install, they are a popular choice nowadays. They are rather cost-efficient but installing a lot of units to cool the entire house is quite costly.

RV air conditioner

Air conditioners are not only for buildings. You have AC in your car so why shouldn’t you have one inside an RV? Cooling the large space inside an RV requires a specialized AC unit.

The AC vent is mounted on the roof of the RV. Remember that it will raise the overall height of your vehicle so try not to buy something too tall unless your RV is one smaller size. The indoor unit can either be connected through your rig with thin metal ducts (ducted type) or through separate cables and pipes (ductless type). If your RV rig has built-in ducts then you can get both types, if no – your only choice is ductless. Ductless AVs are controlled by a remote controller and ducted ones use a thermostat.

RVs heat up very quickly in the summer and you will need a powerful machine to cool it. Being too hot all the time can easily spoil every family excursion. A quality air conditioner for your RV is an essential piece of equipment to buy before you set out on the trip. Make sure to check out this list of top rv air conditioners to find out what to buy.