November 25, 2012


Balsamic Chicken Risotto  |  Spinach Salad with Bosc Pears, Cranberries, Red Onion & Toasted Hazelnuts


Fettuccine with Chicken Marsala Sauce


Italian Pot Roast {Slow Cooker}  |  Polenta {Slow Cooker}


Boston Baked Beans {Slow Cooker}  |  {Slow Cooker} Franks  |  Parker House Rolls


{Slow Cooker} Teriyaki Chicken  |  Brown Rice  |  Peas


Macaroni & Cheese |  Savory Apple Compote

A friend of mine became a grandmother for the first time last week.  As she shared this momentous experience with me, we both recalled our own experiences becoming first-time mothers {and second-time, and then third-time}…the overwhelming joy, the worry, the exhaustion.  Distinct memories of coming home with a new, treasured, little soul & all you wanted to do was sit and stare at that little miracle.  As the first few hours turn into days, you begin to realize that the matters of daily life beckon…laundry, groceries… dinner.

In honor of a very precious little boy who made his appearance {very dramatically, may I add} this past week & his parents, I have loaded this week’s menu with slow-cooker dinners.  Welcome home LKO!  

Michael needs to be in Finland all week for meetings so these slow-cooker meals will help me get dinner on the table after being out with the kids in the afternoons.

Bonus Recipe…Fromage Fort

“Fromage fort is the ultimate way of using leftover cheese. Jacques Pépin’s father used to combine pieces of Camembert, Brie, Swiss, blue cheese and goat cheese together with his mother’s leek broth, some white wine and crushed garlic. These ingredients marinated in a cold cellar for a week to a week-and-a-half (he liked it really strong). Now Pépin’s wife, Gloria, makes a milder version in a food processor that takes only seconds. It is delicious with crackers or melted onto toasts. It also freezes well.” {Food &}

I came across this recipe today while putting this week’s menu together.  I have never tried it but looks incredibly easy & a wonderful way to make good use of the cheeses left-over from Thanksgiving.  I plan on making this recipe this afternoon and, since it freezes well, I will use for Christmas-season entertaining.

Have a Wonderful Week! 

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