Slow Cooked Boston Baked Beans & Franks


Boston Baked Beans  |  Franks  |  Parker House Rolls

The recipe for these slow-cooked baked beans couldn’t be simpler & the result is pure comfort food.  Just a couple of my personal recipe tweaks, {i} I always substitute 1 pound of applewood-smoked bacon {cut across the grain} into one-inch long strips {about ½ inch wide} for the salt pork, and {ii} I always freshly grind the cloves.

For the slow-cooked franks…

Place as many hot dogs as you think you will need into the slow cooker and cook on high 2-3 hours {depending on number of franks}.  If you are cooking over a dozen hot dogs you may want to add more time.  Also, be sure to rotate the franks during cooking.  These hot dogs will caramelize in the slow cooker and remind you of the NYC street vendor hot dogs.  This method of cooking hot dogs is perfect for “crowd entertaining”…the hot dogs will stay warm & moist for hours.

Now for the challenge…the rolls:

If you follow this little blog you will remember that I am terrified of dough…dough is sensitive, moody, resistant…and I have never had the patience to begin to understand its temperament.  Until tonight…I followed the recipe, exactly, with the help of my sous chef…

 These rolls were buttery, light & decadent…Thanks Mallory!

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