A Fragrant Beef Curry & The End of a Rainbow


Fragrant South Indian Beef Curry  |  Steamed Rice  

Beef Curry

Menu Trim

Last night’s rain was followed by much cooler temperatures today {cold, actually, for us Californians…highs in the Bay area were in the low 50’s} and glorious sunshine.  This morning sparkled…everything was wet and shimmering.  As I sat down at my computer this morning, Tuffy & Duke kept an eye on me while enjoying the heat from the embers left behind by last night’s fire…

Tuffy & Duke Morning Sun 2Their interest in me soon faded…

Tuffy & Duke Morning Sun

Intermixed with the sunshine this afternoon were a few quick showers, some hail & this…

Double RainbowThe end of the rainbow landed on our deck!  Within a few seconds, it began to rain again and the rainbow grew…

Rain & Rainbow

What a beautiful treat!!!

Back to dinner… this Beef Curry is so easy!

Onion & Bay Leaves

Grated Garlic & Ginger

Chiles Star Anise Cinnamon

Curry Spices Cooking

Short Ribs for Curry

While the curry cooked, the children worked on homework & I got some Christmas shopping done {on-line}.  The house filled with the aroma of cinnamon & coriander…

The recipe at Food & Wine suggests that there is plenty of heat in this dish, but, I assure you, it is not overly hot.  Maddie and Mallory do not like foods that are too spicy and they finished ALL of their dinner…the rice definitely tempers the spice.

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