January 27, 2013


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Baked Ham with Golden Breadcrumbs  |  Crushed Potatoes with Peas & Scallions


Sliced Ham on French Baguettes with Irish Butter  |  Boston Baked Beans {Slow-Cooker}


Shrimp Roast & Rice


Chicken Parmesan {with Marcella Hazan’s World-Famous SimpleTomato Sauce}


Tagliatelle with Simple Tomato Sauce & Sausages


Crispy Mushroom, Spinach & Avocado Quesadillas  |  Salso Rojo  |   Horchata De Almendra

Menu Trim


Canal House Cookbooks


When I started working in Manhattan, after finishing graduate school, Michael and I moved to Princeton, New Jersey.  You see, Princeton fell right in the middle between Philadelphia {where Michael was working} and NYC, where my office was located.  It was a crazy time {looking back now, I don’t know how we did it}!  Needless to say, we dined out…a lot.  Philadelphia, NYC & Princeton…we ate very well.  But there was one restaurant, in particular, that became our favorite.  It was located in the small hamlet of Lambertville, New Jersey {approximately 20 miles West and slightly North of Princeton}…it was called Hamilton’s Grill Room.  A culinary oasis set in a small courtyard on the banks of the Delaware Canal.  Impeccably prepared {fresh & seasonal} dishes were served in an atmosphere filled with warmth and comfort.  Far from pretentious, eating at Hamilton’s Grill Room was like having dinner at a friend’s home.  Across the courtyard was {and still is, I believe} The Boat House, a public house or, more commonly known as a bar.  Michael and I spent many hours in front of that wood-burning stove and sitting in the lovely loft.  What a nice stroll down memory lane…

Fast forward to last Saturday morning…I was at the Ferry Building in San Francisco {hunting, unsuccessfully, for silver limes at the Farmers’ Market...that is a whole other post, believe me!} when this bright, beautiful RED book caught my eye…

Big Red Cookbook


I went over and started flipping through it’s beautiful pages.  I stood there for over 30 minutes pouring over the photographs, recipes & stories.  There was something so inviting and familiar about this cookbook.  I have definitely heard of Canal House in my culinary travels but never investigated further than that…until this moment at the Ferry Building.  As I got deeper into the book, I discovered that one of the authors, Melissa Hamilton, was a Co-Founder of Hamilton’s Grill Room!  Holding that book in my hands, I felt as though I had found an old friend.  That book has been with me almost constantly for the past week…

It is no surprise that the first three dinners for this week are all Canal House inspired.  I have since acquired a copy in their smaller, seasonal series {Canal House Cooking, Volume 3, Winter and Spring}.  They both have become my quick favorites!  Check them out in my Favorites list on the right sidebar of this page.

I look forward to sharing more of Canal House with you in upcoming menus!

Have a Great Weekend & Happy Dining!


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