The Gift of Crab

If you follow this little blog, you might remember our neighbor, Dave…the one who likes to fish. He keeps us well-fed throughout the salmon season with a generous share of his catch. Well…guess what?  The dungeness crab season opened this past Saturday and Dave plans on enjoying every moment up until November 17th when the commercial crab season begins.  Today, he was crabbing off the coast at Stinson Beach, along with several other small boats…about 50 pots in total.  He caught 20!

As I pulled in to our driveway (in between getting Max & Mallory from school pick-up and taking Max to his orthodontist appointment) Dave greeted me with these three beautiful creatures.  Fresh and alive until about 15 minutes prior when he began to cook all of them.  A Monday gift…

I happily accepted this wonderful treat.  A tin…filled with a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies…left on his doorstep in the morning will express our gratitude.


This gift of crab, together with fresh lemon wedges, drawn butter, Epi baguettes & a lovely Russian River chardonnay…

will make for a splendid Monday dinner!

The chicken I had planned for tonight’s menu will appear later in the week.  Planning ahead doesn’t mean giving up flexibility…it is crab after all!



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