Cast-Iron Love…

Good Monday Morning…you are not used to hearing from me before dinner!

Kids were dropped off at school after a week of winter break &  I took the dogs on our usual morning walk.  Back at home, the dogs settled in for a morning nap in the sun on our deck and I began tackling laundry…laundry…and more laundry!  After a few wash and spin cycles, I rewarded myself with a cup of tea and a few minutes of check-in time here at the “office”.  Oh heavens!  My in-box was STUFFED with emails regarding last evening’s post and, in particular, this photo:

Porterhouse on the grill

What stirred all of the excitement…that beautiful porterhouse steak?  NO!  IT WAS THE PAN!  The flood of email arriving in my mailbox was full of comments, questions & interest in that simple pan set above the coals, cooking that steak to perfection.

Well, if you are a regular guest here at The Dinner Concierge, you know how much I LOVE my cast-iron skillet, actually skillets {I have four!}…my favorite one is old, a treasured gift from my grandmother.  The other three I have “started” myself…one for each child and their future kitchen.  I rotate using each pan, paying close attention to the curing/seasoning progress.  You see, these simple inexpensive, heavy-duty pans will last a lifetime and beyond.  With regular care, the pans get better with age and beat any non-stick pan on the market {when properly seasoned}.  I cook in cast-iron almost everyday and, when a recipe calls for searing something that tends to splatter juices everywhere {such as our steaks last evening} we choose to cook outside, placing the pan over a charcoal fire and saving ourselves from the greasy kitchen mess.  Cast-iron is great for cooking outdoors as well as on the stovetop or in the oven.  {NOTE:  avoid cooking tomatoes, tomato sauces and other acidic foods in a cast-iron pan.  The acid from these foods breaks down the seasoning on the pan.  If you do cook acidic foods in your pan wash soon thereafter and re-season the pan.}

So, with all the interest this morning in cast-iron, I thought I would share the following bits & pieces with you…


 What is the seasoning on cast-iron & how does it work?  Click here for the answer at the

IMG_7228Click here for Technique:  Seasoning Cast-Iron at the


Click here to learn How to Clean Cast-Iron at the

If cooking with cast-iron interests you, take a look over to the right, under “Some of My Favorite Things”.  Amazon currently has Lodge’s 12″ cast-iron skillet for $18.97 {they do have larger sizes but beware, cast-iron is heavy.  I have found the larger pan sizes uncomfortable to handle}.  Also note:  cast-iron gets really hot!  I recommend using a silicone handle sleeve when cooking with cast-iron, this item is also available at Amazon.

Now, I am off to pick up the kids from school and then on to a basketball game!  See you back here for dinner!


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