Herb Boxes for a Sunny Corner

Belvedere Island…where we live just North of San Francisco…like any small piece of real estate, has been built “up” rather than “out”.  The result is very little flat land with most of the homes situated on sloping properties.  Combine the terrain with a high population of deer and, well, you have a gardening challenge.  Even with aggressive fencing, the deer seem to find their way in and make themselves at home.  But, where there is a will there is a way.  Sloping yards are covered with deer-resistant ground covers, such as ivy, and container gardening in and around protected areas of the home facilitate growing beautiful blooms.

Just after the holidays this year, I decided I wanted to replicate an indoor herb garden I once had many years ago while living in a city apartment.  I had the perfect spot…an empty wall in our front sunroom.  This space gets natural light all day with intense sun in the mornings until mid afternoon.  So, one rainy morning after dropping the children off at school, I headed out to Home Depot to see what I could find.  Two hours later, I returned with inexpensive redwood planter boxes, decorative wall brackets, terra cotta pots, some paint & primer.  This became an “in your spare time” DIY project…doing a little of this and some of that in collected moments I could steal away from “real” life with a family of five.  A coat of primer in between a market run & picking up the children from school, a second coat of paint while waiting for an appliance repair man one morning…you get the idea.  Well, a month {or so} later…

Herbs Morning Sun

Motivated by sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s, I finished those window boxes this morning…getting the herbs safely tucked into their pots.  The plants are still so small but you can already smell the wonderful aromas as they heat up in the sun…mint, oregano, thyme.  I will keep you updated as the herbs grow, filling up those boxes & creating a lovely green wall!

Take a peek at how this very, simple project progressed:

Inexpensive {under $20} window boxes were primed with a tinted, oil-based primer {I had the primer tinted to match my final color:  Martha Stewart’s Dill}…

Window Box 1 CollageAfter taping off the center section of each box and applying two coats of paint, I added a strip of chalkboard paint in that center section.  I will be able to label the herbs in the boxes with a chalkboard pen on that strip {if I decide to change out an herb, I can simply wipe the paint clean and re-label}…

Window Box 2 CollageWhen the boxes were completely dry, I added mounting brackets and hung on the wall {adding four herb pots with saucers to each box}…

Window Box 3 Collage

Pick your favorite herbs, plant & enjoy!

Window Box 4 Collage

Time to head out for school pick-up…see you later for dinner!


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6 thoughts on “Herb Boxes for a Sunny Corner

    • Wow, Beverly! I never thought of myself as an inspiration…my family would probably use terms like “manic” & “hyper”! Have a great day!

  1. Those boxes are fantastic and perfect for a small space. We are putting a raised bed garden on our deck this spring to plant herbs, flowers and vegetables. I hope to make the most of the space. You did a great job!

    • Thanks Tammy! Good luck with your deck project. Send along a picture when it is done…I would love to see your new garden. Happy planting

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