A Baseball Picnic


TPLL 2013 Championship Game

Roast Turkey, Green Apple, Triple-Cream Brie & Chutney on Croissants  |  Chopped Kale Salad with Golden Raisins & Pine Nuts  |  Spring Tabbouleh  |  Bakery Potato Chips  |  Red Fruit Salad

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The last four or five days have been a blur around here…attempting to manage two baseball games over the weekend, Michael heading off to Finland on Sunday night, the start of football practices, swimming workouts for the girls {getting ready for next month’s big horse show in Montana}, orthodontic appointments for all three children and let’s not forget veterinary and chiropractic appointments for the horses…all this, and more, has been keeping me occupied.  Despite the frenzy of activity, I love watching these three young people relaxing after a successful year in school, enjoying their favorite activities.

Max’s baseball team did, in fact, win their game on Sunday, advancing to the championship game played this evening.  First pitch was thrown at 5:30pm and, given the timing, I thought a picnic dinner at the game would be a fun way to enjoy this special evening.  A favorite homemade sandwich and fruit salad were supplemented with a couple of green salads from our neighborhood market…the croissants and herbed potato chips were still warm when I purchased them this morning from our local bakery.  Red and white checked tablecloth, great food, a beautiful evening, baseball and friends…our picnic dinner turned into a tailgate party and our ample meal fed about a dozen people…summer dining at it’s best!

We recently enjoyed these Sandwiches {click here to view the recipe in one of my earlier posts} and, at the time, I thought they would make a lovely picnic sandwich. Once again, I roasted a boneless turkey breast and then sliced for the sandwiches but good-quality deli meat could always be used.  I substituted the homemade Rhubarb Chutney from the original post with a cranberry chutney {for 3 sandwiches} and a mango chutney {for 3 sandwiches}, both purchased at the San Francisco Farmer’s Market.  The sandwiches are quite substantial and a half is more than satisfying, especially when served with a few side salads…

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Both the kale salad and tabbouleh were purchased from the deli at our local market.  The kale salad was exceptional, studded with golden raisins and pine nuts and dressed with a simple lemon vinaigrette…I will be making this at home soon.

The Red Fruit Salad {click here for recipe} was a huge hit a few weeks ago when I served it as a dessert {after a grilled steak dinner} topped simply with whipped cream.  Tonight, even without the whipped cream, it was once again…delicious!

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All packed up and ready to go…



Dinner at the park…


In case you were wondering…Max’s team won the game!  Both teams played so well and it was such a close game, tied at 6-6 in the top of the sixth inning.  And now for a Mom’s moment…sixth inning, tie game, two outs, bases are loaded and Max steps up to the plate {I could barely watch}.  After a strike and a foul ball, Max hits it {way} deep into left field driving all three on base home!!!  A great way to end his Little League career…now on to high school!


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