Kung Pao Chicken

TUESDAY Kung Pao Chicken I apologize…to all my fellow Northern Californians…for it is I that could very well be blamed for the sudden, and very noticeable, drop in temperature here in the Bay area.  You see, I recently rambled on about the disparity between our abundant sunshine & mild temperatures and my childhood memories of Continue reading → «Kung Pao Chicken»


Korean-Style Steak & a Cilantro Salad

TUESDAY Korean-Style Steak  |  Cilantro Salad When I plan our dinner menus I begin, for the most part, with the entrée…usually a protein…adding vegetables, grains, etc. as a complement.  This dinner, however, was put together in reverse order.  Last week I came upon this recipe for Cilantro Salad at 101 Cookbooks and quickly became curious of Continue reading → «Korean-Style Steak & a Cilantro Salad»