Chicken Schnitzel with Broccolini & Citrus Vinaigrette


Chicken Schnitzel  |  Broccolini with Citrus Vinaigrette & Parmesan Shavings

Lemons Sliced

Orange Half & Sections


Menu Trim

Maybe it is because we are in the depths of winter…when I woke up this morning it was 30° {everyone outside of California please don’t laugh…I grew up on the East Coast, went to school in upstate New York, and I know what cold is, but I have become a serious “cold wimp” after living in California for 11 years} …and my body is craving vitamin C or I am longing for the days of summer {or both} but I am having serious citrus cravings these days…

When I came across these recipes for a citrus salad vinaigrette & a skillet chicken breast served with lemon, I felt as though I had been given a prescription for what was ailing me.

A very simple dinner for sure, but just what the doctor prescribed…sunshine!

First, make the Citrus Vinaigrette

Lemons Juiced

Orange Half on Linen


Lemon Zest Tsp

Champagne Vinegar

Followed by the Chicken Schnitzel

Firmly pound the boneless, skinless chicken breasts and season with salt & pepper.  Create a chicken “breading assembly line” with the flour, egg mixture and Panko breadcrumbs.  Cook immediately in a skillet with hot canola oil & butter…

Chicken Breading StationsI placed all of the finished chicken breasts {from the skillet} on to a cookie sheet and transferred to a 250° oven to keep warm while I prepared the broccolini…

Broccolini RawChop the rough ends and about an inch of the stems from the broccolini and toss the broccolini into a strainer.  Rinse with cold water and then transfer to a covered glass dish.  Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  Remove dish from microwave and toss with 2 tablespoons of Citrus Vinaigrette…top with a few fresh Parmesan shavings.  Serve immediately with a Chicken Schnitzel breast and a wedge of lemon.

This dinner was a refreshing change from our Holiday dinners…we are one day closer to spring!


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