April 13th, 2014 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu



Lamb Bolognese   |   Salad of Miner Lettuce with a Mustard~Garlic Vinaigrette  


Crustless Spring Quiche with Goat Cheese & Chives  *   |   Farmer’s Kale Mix Salad with a Mustard~Garlic Vinaigrette


Lemon Risotto  *   |  Pan~Seared Sea Scallops   |   Buttery Pan~Seared Baby Artichokes  *


Spring Garlic Soup & Clams   *   |   Miso~Roasted Asparagus


Beer Braised Short Rib Tacos   *  


Tuna Salad Sandwiches   |   Tomato Soup

{  *  denotes a new recipe  }

A trip to the Saturday San Francisco Farmers’ Market at the Ferry Building yesterday provided the inspiration for this week’s dinner menu…

Spring Veggies Collage

Lisbon lemons, spring green garlic, green onions, baby artichokes, Miner lettuce, a farmers kale mix, and beautiful asparagus were the gems that attracted our attention yesterday.  Following a quick breakfast here at home, our little clan scattered in different directions…the girls had a busy day ahead of them at the barn with several horses to ride, Max headed out to the SF Giants game with friends and Michael & I  enjoyed a ferry ride into the City to scour the Farmers’ Market in all of its spring glory.  

Having three teenagers, all of whom are very active in sports, rarely allows for a leisurely Saturday, so when the opportunity arises where Michael and I can slow down and simply enjoy being together we take full advantage!  And, after 26 years of marriage, 18 of which have been dedicated to raising three wonderful children, it is nice to rediscover how much we truly love each others’ company, even doing the simplest of things like market shopping.  It is a bittersweet time for us, as the children get older and become increasingly independent.  The slightest tinge of sadness comes with the approaching reality that our life is coming full circle as these three beautiful human beings, who were, at one time {not so long ago} babies we held and protected in our arms, prepare to leave the nest.  Yet, it is tempered by the joy of seeing them grow and become vibrant individuals and the deep love that I continue to feel for the man with whom I created this family.

With our shopping cart full, I started for the ferry terminal thinking we would catch the next boat home but Michael took my hand and led me off to a lunch date.  The kind of date we used to enjoy on our travels as a young married couple, when, over a bottle of wine and a light nibble, we would talk about the family we would have one day,  where we wanted to live, what we wanted to accomplish…raising a glass in toast of the adventures that lay ahead.  

Wine Merchant Lunch Collage

Yesterday, our date took place at The Ferry Building Wine Merchant and the wine was a lovely rosé of Russian River Valley pinot noir and the nibble consisted of a cheese flight accompanied by a charcuterie plate.  We talked about the children with pride and about the adventures we have had over the years and raised a glass in toast of the ones that still lay ahead.

A few notes on this week’s menu…

SUNDAY:  Fresh spring lamb from Prather Ranch Meat Company was one of our acquisitions yesterday and, along with this recipe, was the inspiration for tonight’s dinner.  I am adapting our favorite bolognese recipe, which uses milk to achieve rich caramelization during the cooking process, by substituting the ground lamb for the beef and leaving out the dried porcini as well as the canned tomatoes.  The salad features Miner lettuce, also a farmers’ market find yesterday.  It has a mild taste, similar to spinach, and I will dress it with this vinaigrette, swapping the lemon for a bit of Dijon mustard.

MONDAY:  A  crustless {and meatless} spring quiche will feature some of that beautiful green garlic and asparagus from yesterday’s shopping trip as well as a handful of mushroom’s and crumbled goat cheese.  Some of the vinaigrette from Sunday evening’s dinner will dress a salad made with the farmer’s kale mix featured above.

TUESDAY:  Lisbon lemons, also featured above, will flavor a creamy risotto which will be topped with pan seared scallops.  Baby artichokes will be pan seared as well in a bit of butter and served with fat wedges of lemon.

WEDNESDAY:  Another bunch of the green garlic will be turned into a mild, brothy soup in which fresh clams will be cooked.  Miso Roasted Asparagus will be served alongside…


THURSDAY: After three days heavy with seafood and veggies, these meat tacos are Michael’s reward.  I will be adapting this recipe for use with the slow-cooker.  With the ribs slowly cooking away all day, very little will be left to do come dinner time.

FRIDAY:  Today is Good Friday, marking the end of Lent for Catholics.  It is a somber day and, along with Lenten observance of abstaining from meat, I like to keep our meals simple.  Tuna salad sandwiches will accompany either a cold gazpacho or a hot tomato soup, depending on the weather.

Intro Collage

Have a wonderful week everyone!

K Medium



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