April 27th, 2014 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu



Butter~Basted Porterhouse Steaks  *  |  Butter Lettuce Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette  *


Spring Pasta with Basil Pesto, Peas & Pine Nuts  *


Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Sweet Coconut Milk Glaze  *  |  Cucumber Spears & Lime Wedges  |  Sticky Rice


Pan Seared Halibut  |  Steamed Baby Potatoes with Creamy Sorrel Sauce  *


Spring Carrot Soup with Turmeric & Ginger  *  |  Kale Mix with Creamy Miso Dressing


Cacio e Pepe  *  |  Sautéed Spring Greens with Bacon & Mustard Seeds  *

{  *  denotes a new recipe  }

Hi there…I am back.  I fell {actually, I was pulled} off the Internet “grid” this week and, I must admit, it was nice…very nice.  It certainly wasn’t planned {at least not on my part} but I do love surprises.  Following a lovely Easter feast last Sunday {which was so thoroughly enjoyed by all that not a trace of meat was left for the lamb risotto I had planned for Monday night’s dinner} I re~grouped and pulled together a mushroom risotto that I simply must share with you soon {I promise}.  I first made this risotto a couple of week’s ago {and posted evidence here} and to say it was a hit would be a gross understatement.  Rich, creamy and flecked with herbs, this meatless dish satisfies even the most voracious carnivore and I was looking forward to sharing it with you on Tuesday  when the hijacking occurred…

It was a full~on assault:  4 {husband and children} against 1 {me}, a birthday abduction.  With his accomplices busy working at school and an overnight bag stashed in the car, Michael and I headed into the city.  We stayed here {a throwback to a trip we took to San Francisco 22 years ago}, shared a champagne toast in the lobby of this grand establishment on our way to dinner here {a must try for any of you living in or visiting the Bay area…the decadent rib eye for two is worth every penny}.  A wonderful birthday that left me nestled in the cocoon of my family for the rest of the week.

But I have missed you and this little space and it is time to plan for the week ahead.  Yesterday’s trip to the SF Farmers’ Market left me with plenty of good material for this week’s dinner menu…


A few notes on this week’s dinner menu…

SUNDAY:  Still thinking, talking & dreaming about our dinner on Tuesday night here and, with porterhouse steaks on sale this week at one of our local markets, we will try and come close with our own version slightly adapting this recipe. Farmers’ market herbs and fresh green garlic will flavor the basting butter for the steak while sweet, young cherry tomatoes will be used to make the dressing for this salad

Herbs + Garlic + Tomatoes Collage

MONDAY:  Gorgeous fresh peas,  a huge bunch of Italian basil and more of that green garlic will be featured in this meatless spring pasta dish tonight…

Peas + Basil + Garlic Collage

TUESDAY:  This recipe first caught my eye back in February and the flavors of sweet coconut milk, refreshing cucumber and tart lime seem appropriate for what is predicted to be a warm evening.  I am going to prepare the marinade on Monday and will save myself a bit of time by grilling a whole pork tenderloin and slicing for individual servings rather than slicing and skewering meat of a satay~style dish.

WEDNESDAY:  I am still committed to incorporating fish into our dinner rotation {at least once a week} and, after enjoying salmon for the last few weeks we are going with halibut, a firm white fish, this evening prepared simply…pan seared with some butter, a bit of garlic, a squeeze of lemon and a splash of white wine.  Baby potatoes will be tenderly steamed and served with a creamy sauce featuring fresh sorrel.  I served this potato side at our Easter dinner last week and it was spectacular.  Beautiful purple asparagus will be steamed to round out our dinner.

Potatoes + Sorrel + Asparagus Collage

THURSDAY:  Tonight, fresh carrots are going into this soup and will be served with a salad of farmers’ kale mix finished with this dressing.

Carrots + Kale Collage

FRIDAY:  Pasta and cheese…simple comfort food for a Friday evening.  This recipe calls for only four ingredients:  pasta, pecorino romano cheese, salt & pepper…no cream, butter or oil.  Miner lettuce and some more of the kale mix will be sautéed with some bacon and mustard seeds for this side dish.

Lettuce + Kale Collage

Have a wonderful week everyone!

K Medium

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