February 23rd, 2014 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu

Weekly DINNER Menu Sign


Lasagna Bolognese  |  Garlicky Spinach


Pot Roast  |  Parsley Sauce  |  Homemade Applesauce


Shredded Beef Tacos  |  Cilantro~Avocado Cream


Pumpkin~Parmigiano Soup  |  Thyme~Roasted Grape & Ricotta Bruschetta


Italian Sausages with Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers & Onions

A few notes on this week’s menu…

SUNDAY:  Last Sunday I made a large batch of EPIC Ragú Bolognese, half of which I stored in the freezer to be used for our dinner this evening.  Tonight’s lasagna is based on this recipe but, I will be substituting the EPIC Ragú for the meat sauce and, instead of the flour~based balsamella {white sauce}, I will using this purée left-over from Friday evening’s decadent dinner {reheated with the addition of some freshly grated nutmeg and parmesan cheese}.  Finally, this  reinvented lasagna will feature egg roll wrappers in place of fresh pasta sheets {a little trick I learned when making this dish}.  Not only are the egg roll wrappers quick & easy {no pre~cooking required} they are considerably thinner than traditional pasta sheets making for an overall lighter tasting lasagna.

MONDAY:  This dinner is a two-for-one this week, when my time in the kitchen needs to be as quick and easy as possible given our schedules.  Tonight we will enjoy our favorite pot roast, complete with roasted vegetables and warm, homemade applesauce and the leftover meat will be removed from the pot and shredded for tomorrow evening’s tacos.

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TUESDAY:  I have been invited to participate in a panel discussion for this live Twitter event taking place on Tuesday…


I look forward to joining these talented bloggers in the discussion of “Cooking Creatively With Seasonal Food” and I invite you to join us  or simply  drop in as a guest.  Note: event time listed above is Eastern Standard Time.

Following a busy morning and afternoon, for dinner this evening, all I have to do is reheat the shredded meat left over from last night’s dinner {with some of the cooking juices}, heat some tortillas and prepare a small bowl of this Cilantro~Avocado Cream for easy dinner tacos…


WEDNESDAY:  Most of the day will be spent packing for our trip to Paso Robles for a horse show this weekend.  The girls and I will be leaving before dawn, as usual, tomorrow morning so keeping it simple was in order tonight.  This Pumpkin Soup is one of our favorites and, when paired with Thyme~Roasted Grapes and Ricotta on Grilled Bread, makes for an easy, yet satisfying dinner.


THURSDAY:  Before leaving on our adventure, I prepared a large dish of the boys’ favorite Italian Sausages with Roasted Tomatoes, Peppers & Onions for their eating pleasure while the girls are away…once these are gone, they are on their own!



Have a wonderful week everyone!

K Medium

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