May 5th, 2013 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu

Weekly DINNER Menu Sign



Chile-Spiced Skirt Steak Tacos  |  Salsa  |  Guacamolé  |  Oven-Baked Tortilla Chips with Lime Salt  |  Horchata Milkshakes


Capellini with Lemon & Basil


Grilled Chicken with Harissa & Mint  |  Baby Spinach Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette & Toasted Pine Nuts


Pantry Soup  |  Parmesan Bread


Pork & Spring Vegetable Potstickers  |  Steamed Rice  |  Scallion Dipping Sauce


Turkey & Zucchini Burgers with Green Onion and Cumin  |  Couscous with Fresh Cilantro & Lemon Juice

A few notes on this week’s menu…

SUNDAY:  Cinco de Mayo!  Naturally, a menu inspired by the cuisine of Mexico is in order.  After experimenting with a fruited version this past week, I am going with a classic Guacamolé for this menu and I will be making salsa based on this recipe {we love roasted tomatoes & I will be adding some cilantro and lime juice}.  The tortilla chips are super easy, as you saw earlier this week and the lime salt  is based on this recipe from Heidi at 101 Cookbooks.  The kids are looking forward to the Horchata milkshakes!   FYI…click here for a thought-provoking article regarding the celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

MONDAY:  this pasta dish is as easy as dinner gets!  Pick your favorite noodle {capellini, linguine, fettuccine, spaghetti}, fresh or dried, {really put me to shame and make your own} and prepare according to package directions.  Toss with some great olive oil, the juice of a large lemon, some torn fresh basil leaves & top with a sprinkling of Parmesan.  Fresh, light & easy…perfect for a Monday dinner.

TUESDAY:  This menu item comes from Nigel Slater’s, The Kitchen Diaries {Viking Studio, 2005}.  It is a new recipe for us from a cookbook that I love and I can’t wait to give it a try.  I will be cooking a combination of bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs as well as a couple of chicken breasts {that is the inventory currently sitting in my freezer}.  Click on the Lemon Vinaigrette  for the recipe.

WEDNESDAY:  The super-simple soup for this evening’s dinner is based on this recipe  and you can make it work with just about anything in your fridge, freezer and/or pantry {hence the name}.  My version will feature lentils, Italian sausage and spinach because, that is what I have on hand.

THURSDAY:  The fancy name of this dish translates, basically, into pork & lemon meatballs and the recipe is, again, from Nigel Slater’s, The Kitchen Diaries. I will tweak the original recipe a bit, using some preserved lemon and omitting the anchovies and share my adaptation with you.  The spinach is a family favorite. UPDATE:  So, it has only been 2 hours since I posted this Weekly Menu but I MUST make a change!  No offense to Mr. Slater {I am sure those little meatballs are delish if they are coming from his kitchen} but I popped over {while enjoying a glass of wine with Michael as the charcoal fire heated up} to the Smitten Kitchen and Deb had recently posted about these little packages.  Oh my!  These potstickers spoke to me {and Mallory staring over my shoulder}.  Every member of this family ADORES potstickers but Mallory leads that fan club.  Every time we visit our favorite sushi house in town, Mallory places the same order {every member of the staff knows}…a plate of gyoza as her appetizer followed by a plate of gyoza for her entrée {and none of us are allowed to share}.  When we saw these pretty little purses, well, it was a fait accompli!  I will be making an adapted version {Michael/Max/Madison/Mallory + tofu + lima/fava beans = NO WAY…how’s that for a mathematical equation?} combining spring, green________ {I will fill in the blank with whatever looks amazing at tomorrow’s farmer’s market in San Francisco} with the ground pork previously scheduled for Mr. Slater’s meatballs.  Now, I need to practice my dumpling wrapping skills until Thursday…Deb’s purses are so pretty & perfect.  Check back…mine may turn out to be a wild form of abstract art {but I promise to take pictures anyway}.

FRIDAY:  These burgers are actually large meatballs and the recipe is from Jerusalem, A Cookbook, by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi  {Ten Speed Press, 2012}.  The recipe features a Sour Cream & Sumac sauce.  Sumac is not a standard pantry staple for many of us but you can purchase it, online, here or here.  This spice imparts a fruity/sour flavor to foods.  If you don’t want to give it a try, I believe the best substitution would be grated lemon zest.  I will be making these into burger-sized patties and serving on top of couscous {after all, meatballs again?…Don’t have to worry about that anymore, see UPDATE above}.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!


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