September 8th, 2013 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu

Weekly DINNER Menu Sign


Grilled Whole Chickens with Garlic & Lemon Butter  |  Roasted Baby Potatoes  |  Green Beans Vinaigrette


Mac & Cheese with Roasted Chicken, Herbs and Goat Cheese |  Creamy Roasted Cantaloupe Pops


Roasted Cantaloupe & Shrimp Bisque  |  Herbed Popovers


Herbed Sweet Italian Sausage, Roasted Apple & Vermont Cheddar – Stuffed Mushrooms  |  Tossed Baby Lettuce Salad


Brown Butter Lobster, Bacon, Crispy Kale & Fontina Pasta


Grilled Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki  |  Cucumber, Mint & Feta Salad

A few notes on this week’s menu…

SUNDAY:  You know how much I like chicken for Sunday dinner but, with temperatures once again expected to soar into the 90’s, roasting birds in the oven is just not going to happen.  This evening we will enjoy one of our favorite chicken recipes…grilled whole chickens.  Spatchcocking {removing the backbone} the birds makes it easy to cook and the end result is super moist meat with crunchy skin…


MONDAY~ TUESDAY:  Roasting an extra bird on Sunday means enough meat for leftovers tonight, a helpful time-saver for a Monday.  With the meat already cooked, our dinner this evening simply involves boiling a pot of water for the pasta, chopping a few herbs and gently tossing everything with a bit of goat cheese.  Since warm weather is still in the forecast, I think these Creamy Roasted Cantaloupe Pops are in our future…


This week, the folks over at Food52 featured this article on Roasted Cantaloupe and it really sparked my curiosity.  I love roasting fruit as it usually results in quite an intense flavor boost but I have never tried the technique with melon before.  This week I am experimenting with both the sweet variation {with the above pops} as well as with the savory, in this soup which I will pair with our favorite popovers


WEDNESDAY:  An easy appetizer becomes a meal just by adding a simple salad.  I look forward to trying this new recipe via The Cozy Apron.

THURSDAY:  Butter and lobster…yes please!  I am picking up some Maine lobster tails from our local fish market and giving this recipe from Half-Baked Harvest a try.

FRIDAY:  Not sure what the future holds for our dinner this evening given Max’s injury last week during football practice.  I will either be cooking for the football team dinner tonight or at home making this Grilled Chicken Souvlaki dish, recipe courtesy of Alexandra’s Kitchen.


With temperatures soaring into the 90’s again today, what better way to spend the day than on the water taking in all the action of the America’s Cup…



We will be cheering on Team USA as they battle Team New Zealand in Races 3 &4 today.  Yesterday, New Zealand won both of the first two races.  You can click on the photo above to be linked to the America’s Cup official page for updates and some really great photos.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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