March 10th, 2013 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu

Weekly DINNER Menu Sign


Lasagne Bolognese  |  Garlicky  Greens


Lobster Bisque  |  Herbed Popovers


French Onion Tart  |  Spinach & Green Apple Salad


Spatchcocked & Braise-Roasted Chicken  |  Mashed Potatoes  |  Peas


Chicken Soup with Ditalini  |  Deb’s Favorite Buttermilk Biscuits


Linguine with Lemon & Olive Oil  | Caesar Salad


A Few Notes on this Week’s Menu ~

  1. Sunday ~ Once again, the week begins with the ladies at Canal House…Canal House Collagethis Lasagne Bolognese is a traditional recipe {no ricotta} using a hearty Ragu Bolognese & a warm Balsamella for layering between sheets of pasta.
  2. Monday ~ OKAY…I admit, I was hooked by the title of this article at The Huffington Post…This Lobster Bisque is Better than Sexc’mon, I have to give it a try!  We’ll see…
  3. Tuesday ~ this tart is from a recent feature at The Smitten Kitchen & since it comes from Deb, it has to be good.  I am thinking about adding some chopped bacon to the tart…what do you think?
  4. Wednesday ~ Amanda at Food52 talks about a technique “spatchcocking” {which she learned from Christopher Hirsheimer, one of the Canal House ladies}, that makes carving a roasted chicken easier.  She then combines that technique with a braise method of cooking.
  5. Thursday ~ a very simple soup from Canal House uses left-over chicken from Wednesday’s roast chicken with broth, kale, pasta & olive oil.  The biscuits are from Smitten Kitchen.
  6. Friday ~ this pasta recipe from Deb at The Smitten Kitchen is so wonderfully simple.  Think I will jazz it up just a bit with this lovely linguine…IMG_8488


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