September 28th, 2014 ~ Weekly Dinner Menu



Pot Roast with Parsley~Garlic Sauce  |  Homemade Applesauce


Roasted Pepper, Corn, Onion & Jack Quesadillas


Chicken Tortilla Soup  |  Guacamole  |  Homemade Pita Chips


Baked Honey, Lemon & Garlic Chicken Wings  |  Carrot & Celery Sticks  


That is Mallory and her horse Clarissa jumping a cabin at the Fresno County Horse Park this weekend.  Mallory, Clarissa and I left Petaluma Friday afternoon and traveled to Fresno so they could play in the dirt and water and jump a lot of things.  A very fun way to spend a sunny, warm Saturday but, alas, no farmers’ market for me this weekend.  Schooling cross~country yesterday was not only fun but also a great warm~up for this coming week’s event…the Woodside International Horse Trials.  Mallory & Clarissa will be competing in the Junior Training Division beginning on Friday and continuing through all three eventing phases…dressage, stadium jumping and cross~country…finishing on Sunday {hopefully}.  This means a bit of travel for us again this week as well as an abbreviated weekly dinner menu.  Driving home last night, sitting in the midst of horrendous traffic throughout the SF Bay area, I toyed with canceling a dinner plan this week.  But, as I sat immobile on CA Highway 101 North for an hour, without moving {due to an earlier accident}, and with a very jumpy young mare making her dissatisfaction known in the attached trailer behind us, I found myself distracted by thoughts of home…a slow-cooked braise with tender meat simmering in the oven {creating an amazing aroma that saturates the entire house}, a glass of wine, and a long, steaming hot shower.  A favorite Pot Roast with Parsley~Garlic Sauce came to mind and, with Mallory’s help, the remaining dinners fell into place.  Now, with the roast in the oven and the apples simmering on the stove as I type this post, I am so happy to be home with a few dinners planned out for this very short, yet busy, week.

A few notes on this week’s menu…

SUNDAY:  Serious comfort food…this Pot Roast with Parsley~Garlic Sauce is a classic…perfect for a Sunday dinner in the fall.  A bit of searing and browning in the beginning gives way to a long, slow turn in the oven, leaving you free to enjoy the last afternoon of the weekend.  Homemade Applesauce, with the season’s first apples, is a fantastic accompaniment…

Intro Collage

MONDAY:  These quesadillas were on the dinner menu last week and they were AMAZING!  I have some corn kernels, cut from a few of the cobs I purchased from the farmers’ market last week, in the freezer and I can’t wait to make these veggie quesadillas again.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the pepper, corn, onion mixture I posted there and I hope to get a full post for these quesadillas up on this spot before I leave later this week.

TUESDAY:  Mallory and I will be at the barn for the better part of the day for a riding lesson followed by a packing session getting ready for our early Thursday morning departure for the horse show.  I will assemble this Chicken Tortilla Soup  in the slow~cooker before I leave for the day reducing dinner prep to an easy guacamole {this recipe is our favorite} and quick homemade pita chips using the tortillas left~over from last night’s quesadillas…

Soup Guacamole Chips Collage

WEDNESDAY:  Max has an away football game tonight, and it is also the night before Mallory and I need to leave, painfully early in the morning, to travel to a horse show.  I am going to make a hearty~sized batch of these Baked Chicken Wings with Honey, Lemon & Garlic earlier in the afternoon to enjoy when we get home from the game with left~overs getting packed for my trip with Mallory tomorrow.  These wings, great hot out of the oven, but also fantastic at room temperature {or even cold} make them a perfect make~ahead meal/picnic item…


WOW! That was fast.  I have not yet recovered from our quick trip to Fresno and writing this post makes our upcoming trip to Woodside so much more immediate.  It all goes by SO fast and I just want to enjoy every minute…

Have a WONDERFUL week everyone!

K Medium

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