Blood Orange Fizz

I dropped Max off at school this morning and proceeded to take a quick walk with the dogs.  I arrived home with the strongest craving for a refreshing drink…the bottle of water I downed on my walk just wasn’t satisfying.  I glanced over at the kitchen island and saw this bunch staring back at me…


And the blood oranges spoke to me {again}.  Maybe it was the image of Deb’s Blood Orange Margarita over at the Smitten Kitchen that I had stuck in my head or the taste of the citrus salad we had a couple of night’s ago…

Citrus Salad

Whatever the case, I was definitely going for those blood oranges.  Nothing elaborate here…it is, after-all 9am in the morning!  Just some ice, freshly-juiced fruit…


Bl Orange Fizz 1 Collage

And some bubbles {sparkling water today but maybe champagne on a sunday morning?}…

Bl Orange Fizz 2 Collage

Add a squeeze of fresh lime & a pretty glass straw…



I will need to try Deb’s fabulous Blood Orange Margarita recipe another time & much later in the day.  Speaking of later in the day…as I was writing this post I received an update from the folks over at the Kitchn where they had just posted a lovely Clementine Cocktail.  Click here to view that lovely libation from the Kitchn.  It is Friday after-all & five-o-clock, somewhere!


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2 thoughts on “Blood Orange Fizz

  1. I’ve never liked the feel or taste (or idea) of plastic straws. I love your glass straws. I’ll have to get some. How do you clean them?

    • Bev…I LOVE these glass straws…classic, clear and they sparkle in the light! Nothing to dispose of in the garbage and they clean-up so easily with the tube brush included in the package in which they are delivered. Also, no funky taste added from plastic or paper. Check out “Some of My Favorite Things” in the right side-bar of this page & scroll to find these beautiful straws for purchase from Glass Dharma. Thanks for your visit!

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