Herbed Chicken Breasts, Risotto, Peas & a Lemon Cream


Chicken Breasts with Fresh Sage  |  Lemon Risotto  |  Peas  |  Tartine’s Lemon Cream

Finished plate

Everyday, on this little space known as “The Dinner Concierge“, amazes me…

On September 26th, 2012 I began this project…chronicling what my family eats each evening…attempting to inspire those of you who need to answer the question, “What’s for Dinner“…every day!  But I also hoped to inspire a love for this special time of day…the dinner hour. It is such a precious time for a family {whether “family” consists of one, two, six…ten members}.  We all race at warp speed each and every day…we need a time to come together {or be alone} to nourish our souls as well as our appetites.  Don’t get me wrong…the occasional dinner out is quite enjoyable…but, dinner-in is more than a meal ~ it is a life-style!

Each week, I post my family meal plan and follow through with a daily dinner post each evening… yes, I am cooking each and every one of those meals!  These are more than just recipes I find interesting {or that will stir up the most pins on Pinterest} but rather, these are the meals we will be eating, as a family, for the next six days.  These menus are crafted around our busy, family-of-five, schedule so I make use of left-overs, slow-cookers, make-ahead recipes, etc.  But I also don’t want eating-in to be boring!  The same salad, repeated ad nauseam each week, to satisfy the greens requirement.  I do my research in order to keep it fresh and exciting for my family & maybe yours.

I am not culinary trained…far from it {I went to law school}!  I love cooking but, I am neurotically afraid of baking {yes, dough scares me}…but I still give baking a try, every once-in-a-while.  If I can prepare the recipes I post…SO CAN YOU!  I am not an expert…I just find the best recipes for my family and follow them, occasionally tweaking this & that.

So…I digress…

I received an email this morning from a follower of this blog in Quebec, Canada {close to my heart as my Great-Grandparents were born & raised in St. Pacome}!  Genevieve B. wrote:

Kristin…just wanted to let you know how much I have come to love your blog.  We are a young family of four and cannot afford to eat out often.  My husband and I don’t want to eat the same few dinners over and over again at home & we want our children to grow up with a wide range of tastes.  I also don’t have all-day to spend in the kitchen.  I find your blog to be real!  Not too “green” or vegetarian {we like our meat and potatoes, especially during the winter}.  You stand out from so many other blogs that post “weekly menus” and then post once during the week.  I check in with you every night & I know that you have cooked dinner…just like me!

Just so you know, Genevieve…you have made my day, week & year!  And yes, I am right there with you cooking dinner…six days a week.  I giggle as I write that last phrase…I have had SO MANY emails asking me what I do on Saturday nights.  Hmmm…maybe a future column/regular weekly post?

After all of that…this evening’s dinner ~

I began with the Lemon Cream {click here to view the recipe at Food52.com}, the recipe is easy!  From start to finish, takes about 25 minutes {no tricks here…just stir constantly}.  Served it to the girls tonight with a buttery, shortbread cookie for dessert:

Lemon Cream Collage

Next, make the Lemon Risotto {Click here to view the recipe at Food52.com}.  Same trick here, as above…stir the risotto, constantly, until creamy:

Finally…Chicken Breasts with Fresh Sage & the finished dinner plate…{Click here to view the recipe at Food52.com}:

Chicken Sage Collage

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