Spicy Carrot Pasta Sauce

“Not for me the pile of buttered carrots on the plate.  Too sweet, too orange {too bloody cheerful more like it}.  But the carrot’s place is assured in my kitchen as the bringer of earthy sweetness, a backbone vegetable on which to build layers of flavor.” ~ Nigel Slater, Tender


Chicken Bouillon & Boursin Deviled Eggs

WEDNESDAY Chicken Bouillon  |  Boursin Deviled Eggs  |  Kale Salad with Mustard Cream Vinaigrette This morning, I had the pleasure of catching up with a dear friend.  We first met, over eight years ago, in the manner common for moms with young children…school.  We had children in the same grades, we volunteered like mad women Continue reading → «Chicken Bouillon & Boursin Deviled Eggs»


Chicken Roasted in Milk & Spigariello with Lemon~Garlic Vinaigrette

TUESDAY Chickens Roasted in Milk with Lemon, Cinnamon & Sage  |  Spigariello with Lemon~Garlic Vinaigrette  |  Roasted Potatoes We like chicken.  We eat a lot of chicken.  Grilled, pounded, fried, stuffed and skewered…chicken is a virtual blank canvas in the dinner arena.  But of all the ways we enjoy this member of the fowl family, roasting Continue reading → «Chicken Roasted in Milk & Spigariello with Lemon~Garlic Vinaigrette»


Chocolate Cake with an Orange~Cinnamon Cream

Chocolate Cake {Gluten Free}  |  Orange, Cinnamon & Vanilla Cream Cake is synonymous with joy, laughter, and togetherness. While warm cookies may accompany an afternoon snack or ice cream may be a treat for a weekend celebration, cake is for the moments we want to remember, the milestones we want to imprint on our minds Continue reading → «Chocolate Cake with an Orange~Cinnamon Cream»


A Fragrant Beef Curry & The End of a Rainbow

WEDNESDAY Fragrant South Indian Beef Curry  |  Steamed Rice   Last night’s rain was followed by much cooler temperatures today {cold, actually, for us Californians…highs in the Bay area were in the low 50’s} and glorious sunshine.  This morning sparkled…everything was wet and shimmering.  As I sat down at my computer this morning, Tuffy & Continue reading → «A Fragrant Beef Curry & The End of a Rainbow»